A selection of illustration, motion design and graphic design I’ve done for NEO.LIFE.

Illustration: Let’s Not Overstretch Neuroplasticity

Motion: Story trailer for Paging Dr. Orgasm

Illustration: The Limits of Computers That Read Our Minds

Icon design: NEO.LIFE media kit

Illustration: From Molecules to Megacities: How Life Scales

Illustration: NEO.LIFE social card

Illustration: More on the Supposed Youth Pill

Illustration: The Audacity of Synthetic Biologists

Illustration: Biotech Breakthroughs and Big Ideas in 2018

Animation: Promotional spot for NEO.LIFE (Motion by me. Illustration by Oscar Bolton Green)

Illustration: Machine Learning Illuminates the Body’s Dark Matter

Illustration: The Genetic Algorithm That Revealed My Possible Babies

Illustration: Skinny Genes

Illustration: Zap Your Pain Away

Illustration: Neurotribe Finds Promised Land

Illustration: New Trick in DNA Editing Could Safely Unlock Thousands of Cures

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