I was the founding art director at NEO.LIFE, a new media company from the co-founder of Wired. I created the look and feel, designed for digital platforms, commissioned photographs and illustrations, and contributed to business strategy. 

Samples of my art direction work below.

Arvind Gupta’s Jiu Jitsu Makes Biotech Move at Silicon Valley Speed
Photos by Winni Wintermeyer

Arvind Gupta’s Jiu Jitsu Makes Biotech Move at Silicon Valley Speed
Illustration by Alex Gamsu Jenkins

The Language of DNA Should Rewrite English, Too
Typeface by Studio Lennarts & de Bruijn
It’s Nice That feature

Designer Babies Are Here. What’s the Next Edit?
Illustration by Aart-Jan Venema

Medicine Ignored This Insulin Problem. Hackers Solved It
Photos by Chona Kasinger

Meat Doesn’t Grow on Trees—But Maybe It Could
Illustration by Matt Panuska

Angela Belcher Commands a Virus to Hunt a Deadly Cancer
Illustration by Agata Nowicka

Death Is Weirder Than You Think
Illustration by Calum Heath

Trouble in the High-Rise Hothouse
Photos by Lauren Lancaster

Longevity, the Greatest Investment Opportunity of All Time
Illustration by Nicolás Ortega

You Can Rescue Medical Breakthroughs from the Valley of Death
Illustration by Celia Jacobs

Young Biodesigners Unveil Clever Ideas for a Cleaner World
Photos by Jackson Krule

The Clock Is Ticking Faster for a Patient Turned Medical Disruptor
Photos by Winni Wintermeyer

Will You Eat CRISPR Produce?
Illustration by Inji Seoa

Take These Drugs to Get to Mars
Illustration by Andy Busc

Get Paid for Your DNA
Illustration by Gwendal Le Bec

Bring on the Post-Human Future
Illustration by Igor Bastidas

6 Extra Years of Fertility
Illustration by Kelsey Wroten

Forget Sleep Tracking—Try Sleep Hacking
Illustration by Graham Roumieu

Check Out This Beating Mini-Heart in a Jar
Photos by Theodore Kaye 

The Dream Machine for Customizing Biology is Almost Here
Motion by Render Fruit

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